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This design is free. But please respect that I worked hard on it and would appreciate a link back to my site.

To make it easier for you I have made the footer (box at the bottom of the page) say what I would like it to, feel free to change it to what you like though.

You should know that the photos where downloaded from Stock Exchange (, you can view the various images and their copyrights here, here, here and here.

Enjoy the design! It's aimed at small companies who want to keep their costs down by getting a ready made template. If you would like to get in touch with me about potential projects, please get in touch via my company Web site.


The right time is now.

2008 is a year of change. With this free Web site template you can update your existing company Web site or launch your first Web site at a greatly reduced cost.

This Web site template is free to use, all I ask in return is acknowledgement that it was me who made it and a link back to my site, It is NOT ok to sell this template or re-distribute it.

This template was made in order to replace an earlier design that still sits in the top 10 of all time downloaded templates on the major "Open Source Web Template" download Web sites.

The new design uses a more modern colour pallete and smarter coding. If you encounter any bugs or have issues with the design please get in touch via my Web site.

Oh, and happy new year!